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Unreal Engine: Customized Training

Learn exactly what you need for your project.

This customized Unreal Engine training is specifically designed to meet your specific needs and challenges. Whether you work in production, simulation, game development, architectural visualization, film production, or any other field, this training provides a tailored learning experience that fits your needs. Through a combination of theory and practice, you will be able to use the Unreal Engine effectively and accurately for your projects, integrate it into your workflows and take your skills to the next level.

Epic Premier Authorized Training Center

Unreal Engine PREMIER Authorized Training Center.

Take advantage of the benefits we offer as an Unreal Engine PREMIER Authorized Training Center (UATC). INCAS Training is the market leader in professional Unreal Engine training with top marks in customer reviews.

Learning objectives Training

  • Deepening the understanding of the Unreal Engine and its many possible applications
  • Developing individual solutions for specific requirements and problems
  • Promote the ability to realize complex projects independently with the Unreal Engine
  • Increase productivity and quality of work through more effective use of the engine


The price of €1890 plus VAT is the daily rate for a training course for 6 people.

The duration varies depending on individual requirements.

Content Training

The exact content of the training will be determined based on a prior analysis of your needs and goals.
We then determine the scope and methodology together.
The aim is to provide you with the optimal learning experience so that you can subsequently achieve your goals.

Some possible topics include:

  • Integration of the Unreal Engine into existing workflows and pipelines
  • Optimized workflows for your data pipeline
  • Advanced use of blueprints for game logic and automation of tasks
  • Advanced high end techniques in lighting and material design
  • Performance optimization of projects for different platforms and hardware
  • Application of VR and AR technologies for immersive design and visualization
  • Development of complex virtual production setups
  • Working in a team (best practice processes, versioning etc.)

Use our team of 12 specialists from different industries for your individual questions. They not only bring technical know-how, but also the ability to convey complex content in an understandable and practical way.

We also train at your place!

We also conduct this training at your company as an individualized company training.

Target audience Training

This training is aimed at individuals and teams who want to solve a specific requirement with the Unreal Engine in their specific workflow.

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