Unreal Engine Animation Power Bootcamp

The fast track to an efficient animation pipeline in UE5

Real-time animation workflows

Get the skills you need to create stunning and lifelike animations

In this bootcamp, you’ll gain the skills necessary to create stunning and vibrant animations using Unreal Engine 5. Whether you’re an aspiring animator, game developer, or VFX artist, this comprehensive course will give you a solid foundation of animation techniques and best practices for your animation projects in Unreal Engine. After an introduction to the basic workings of the Unreal Engine, we’ll teach you the animation pipeline in UE5 from worldbuilding, materials and lighting to metahuman, and then all the necessary techniques and workflows to create professional animations from it. In this bootcamp, we skillfully combine theory and practice to ensure a well-rounded learning experience. Best of all, on the last day you’ll be working independently on your first animation project. And after that, we won’t leave you alone: you’ll become part of our community and can exchange ideas with other enthusiasts 24/7 and get help to realize your visions. Bring your creative visions to life!

5 days of professional training

Learn how to handle your data and transition your animation project production pipeline to Unreal Engine 5

We are convinced of intensive learning units.

That’s why we offer the 5-day Animation Power Bootcamp in a format that allows you to acquire a lot of knowledge in a short intensive time and apply it practically in the course.

Our claim is that your invested time can be used as added value in your projects directly after the Power Bootcamp.

The trainers in our courses are all active within the industry. According to our philosophy, this is a basic requirement for practical knowledge transfer.

You learn from experienced professionals which workflow leads to the best result for your project. We empower you step by step, so that in the end you realize the previously unimaginable.

Learning objectives

  • On completion of the power bootcamp, you will be able to design, build and render a short character animation sequence within an Unreal Engine 5 environment.
  • You will be able to navigate UE5’s editor interface effectively and set up well-organised project structures for your animation project.
  • You will be able to use Unreal’s worldbuilding tools to conceptualise and create an environment for animated storytelling using imported and library assets.
  • You will learn to develop an atmospheric look for your scene by applying Unreal’s materials and building realtime lighting set-ups.
  • You will be able to animate imported skeletal meshes and Metahumans using Unreal’s control rig and re-targeted animations.
  • Using sequencer and the movie render queue, you will be able to design dynamic shots and camera sequences – and finally render your animated short film out of Unreal to a high quality standard!

Course content

Day 1


Unreal Engine Introduction

• Project creation / templates
• UI
• Navigation / Viewport
• Understanding project folder structure
• Entities/Actors, Components
• Import/Export Assets (Static Mesh)



• Placement and modification of assets from the Content Browser and Quixel Bridge
• Modeling toolkit for blocking
• Organize using levels
• Landscape Tools
• Foliage
• Outlook World Partition

Day 2



  • Material Basics
  • Basic Materials Creation
  • PBR Workflow
  • Material Instances
  • Material Functions
  • Material Parameter Collections



  • Light types
  • Light settings
  • Lumen
  • Sky/Amtosphere/Heightfog
  • Post Process Volume
Day 3



• Blueprint Basics
• Blueprint as Combined Asset
• Construction Script
• Events



• Metahuman Basics
• Metahuman Creator
• Metahuman in Unreal (Advantages as well as limitations)


Sequencer I

• Sequencer Basics
• Key Frames
• Cameras
• Nested sequences

Day 4


Control Rig

  • What is Control Rig?
  • Importing Skeletal Meshes
  • Setup of a simple Control Rig element


Sequencer II

  • Create shots
  • Additional Tracks
  • Movie Render Queue



  • Animation from Control Rig (Metahuman Face and Body)
  • Pose Editor
  • Animation Tracks
  • Animation Retargeting
  • Import/Export from Sequencer
Day 5


Capstone Project

The final project (capstone project) is designed to apply and review the skills learned so far in the Unreal Engine. This is done by creating your own short animation sequence with multiple settings using the Unreal Engine based on a given assignment with lots of creative freedom.
The Capstone Project Day includes hands-on components and your own free times to explore the possibilities on your own with your instructor as your mentor.


Project Scope

• Creating a new project
• Using the assets created so far during the bootcamp
• Storyboarding (“What happens after the gate of the garage opened?”)
• Create your own landscape
• Realization of an animation sequence
• Export

Target audience

Animation professionals, animation studios, game developers and VFX artists.



No experience with UE is required. Participants are expected to have a solid understanding of current 3D computer graphics software technologies (e.g. Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, Blender, Cinema 4D, etc.) and standard DCC production workflows.

Included: Your perfect training environment with all tools

Focus on your training

INCAS virtual training lab is not just a tool, but a dynamic ecosystem that provides a state-of-the-art and production pipeline related learning experience.
On your own high-end training computer, which is individually prepared for this training, you can practice and experiment risk-free without having to risk your own development environment.
Your training computer is also available outside of the training hours, so you have enough time to practice and implement your own ideas.
Your access is via a high-performance real-time streaming solution. Your trainer also has access to your computer and is able to support you immediately during the exercises, if necessary.

Unreal Engine Animation Power Bootcamp

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  • 5 day live online training
  • Individual capstone project for your portfolio
  • High end training lab
  • Access to UE community

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