Unreal Engine Product Configurator Power Bootcamp

Improve customer engagement and save costs with real-time 3D configurators.

Visualize products in real time

Learn UE5 product configurator workflows in practice in 5 days

In this UE Product Configurator Bootcamp you will learn how to create high-quality and interactive product configurators in the Unreal Engine. After the training you will be able to create realistic and immersive environments in which you present your products and enable customers to experience and configure them in real time.
We teach you the necessary skills in the material editor, the interactions with blueprints and the animation workflow. We’ll show you how to bring your project to different platforms, including PC, mobile and VR.
During the training, you will develop a prototype of a real-time 3D configurator together in the group, learning all the relevant steps and tools in UE5. On the last day, you will apply the acquired knowledge yourself: With a task given by us, you reproduce all steps in your own capstone project. After the bootcamp you are part of our community and can continue to ask questions and exchange ideas to realize your visions.

5 days professional training

Here you’ll learn how to manage your data and rethink your production pipeline.

We are convinced of intensive learning units.

That’s why we offer the 5-day Animation Power Bootcamp in a format that allows you to acquire a lot of knowledge in a short intensive time and apply it practically in the course.

Our claim is that your invested time can be used as added value in your projects directly after the Power Bootcamp.

The trainers in our courses are all active within the industry. According to our philosophy, this is a basic requirement for practical knowledge transfer.

You learn from experienced professionals which workflow leads to the best result for your project. We empower you step by step, so that in the end you realize the previously unimaginable.

Learning objectives

  • You understand the Unreal Engine user interface, including the main editor, the content browser, and the level editor.
  • You know how to work with CAD data and how to optimize it for real-time rendering.
  • You understand how to use the Blueprint visual scripting system to create interactive features.
  • You will be able to create materials using the Material Editor to create realistic and visually appealing materials, including textures, shaders, and lighting effects.
  • You will learn and understand how to properly stage your product using the environment, lighting, and post-processing.
  • You’ll be able to create your own cinematic promotional videos using the sequencer.
  • You’ll learn how to design user interfaces and structure them efficiently.
  • You know how to deploy your product configurator as an executable application.

Course content

Day 1


Unreal Engine Introduction

• User Interface and Editors
• What is real-time rendering?
• Editor time vs. Runtime
• Viewport navigation
• Project setup
• Setup the environment to showcase your product
• Working with plugins


Datasmith Ingestion

• Use data prep to create reusable import rules for your CAD data
• Setup Material exchange and geometry optimization settings
• Tessellation of CAD surfaces
• Triangle count/ LODs, Nanite
• Importing the data to the project

Day 2



  • Lighting types in UE5
  • Light mobility (built lighting vs. dynamic lighting)
  • Lumen: the global illumination system in UE5
  • Ray tracing, Path tracing
  • Post Process Volume



  • PBR-workflow, Texture formats
  • Work with materials and shaders in UE5
  • Learn how to use the node-based material editor
  • Create master materials and material instances for fast and iterative workflows


Variant Manager

  • Setup different variants of you products that can be selected in the finished product configurator
  • Learn about rules and dependencies
Day 3


Create cinematic and product animations with the sequencer

• Learn about Sequencer and Cinematic Tools
• Animation curves and interpolation
• Possessable vs. Spawnable
• Movie Render Queue


Introduction to Blueprints

• Make your content interactive
• Learn about Blueprint basics and how to use them
• Setup User Input System
• Create the User controls

Day 4


Finishing our application

  • Learn about UMG to create modular and modern user interfaces to interact with your product and connect it to the Variants created with the Variant Manager
  • Set up the project and prepare for packaging
    • Create a Start Screen to welcome the user to the application
    • Learn about ho to switch between levels
  • Packaging the interactive product showcase as a Windows executable
Day 5


Final project

The final project (capstone project) serves to apply and repeat the skills learned in the Unreal Engine. This is done by creating your own product configurator project using the Unreal Engine based on a given assignment with lots of creative freedom. The Capstone project day includes hands-on components and your own free time to explore the possibilities on your own with your instructor as your mentor.


Project content

• Creation of a new project
• Import of given CAD data
• Setting up the environment, lights and materials
• Creating the variants necessary for the configuration
• Tying it all together with Blueprints
• Export

Target audience

Manufacturers, product design studios, design agencies



No experience with Unreal Engine is required. Participants are expected to have a solid understanding of CAD workflows and product design.

Included: Your perfect training environment

Focus on your training

INCAS virtual training lab is not just a tool, but a dynamic ecosystem that provides a state-of-the-art and production pipeline related learning experience.
On your own high-end training computer, which is individually prepared for this training, you can practice and experiment risk-free without having to risk your own development environment.
Your training computer is also available outside of the training hours, so you have enough time to practice and implement your own ideas.
Your access is via a high-performance real-time streaming solution. Your trainer also has access to your computer and is able to support you immediately during the exercises, if necessary.

Unreal Engine Product Configurator Power Bootcamp

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  • 5 day live online training
  • Individual capstone project for your portfolio
  • High end training lab
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