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Ventuz beginners course Schulung

Ventuz Designer 101 Training

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(Description:) Ventuz is a real-time graphics content creation, authoring and playout control software. It is designed for high-end use in any area of audiovisual content production. Be it professional presentations, video wall setups, multitouch applications or broadcast graphics, Ventuz guarantees finest design paired with robust stability and full functionality, even when integrated into complex hardware and software systems. Ventuz is truly unique on the market of real-time 3D visualization. Not only does it offer a multitude of possibilities to create compelling content with complete freedom of design, but additionally it presents an intuitive workflow that does not require any programming skills. This results in a broader variety of markets and companies using high-end 3D visualization to bring their data and information to partners and customers in intriguing ways. From product launches to exhibition booths, from live TV events to digital signage networks, from interactive experiences to large-scale show projections, Ventuz is the perfect tool to create astounding content.

Ventuz Authorized Training Centre

Profitiere von den Vorteilen, Trainings bei dem weltweit größten zertifizierten Ventuz Trainingspartner zu besuchen – mit Bestnoten in der Kundenzufriedenheit und zufriedenen Teilnehmern aus vier Kontinenten.

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(Learning Objectives:)

  • Ventuz philosophy
  • Introduction and Product Overview
  • Projects and Project Settings
  • The Ventuz Designer User Interface
    • Layer Editor
    • Animation Editor
    • Hierarchy Editor
    • Content Editor
    • Properties Editor
    • Toolbox
    • Message Box
    • Render Window
    • Workspaces – What is a workspace and how to customize it
  • Layers – the entry point into the software with enhanced effects, blending and layouting options
  • Common Layer Properties
    • Layouting
    • Blending
    • Masking
    • Layer Effects
  • 2D Layer and 3D Layer – where is the difference and how do I use them
  • Working with 2D Layer
    • Photoshop Import
      • Workflow
      • Supported Features and Limitations
  • Working with 3D Layer
    • Hierarchy Editor
    • Cameras
      • Free Flight Camera
    • In- Renderer Edit Mode – How to use the Transformation Gizmo and visualize the Non-Rendered Objects i.e. Cameras and Lights
  • Nodes and Bindings
    • What is a Node what does the Inputs and Outputs mean?
    • What is a binding and how to create and delete it?
  • The Material Node
    • Lighting Models
    • Basic Texturing (Base, Diffuse, Specular, Normal)
      • Texture Loader, Live Video, MovieClip
  • Animating Objects
    • Simple animations (The Mover)
    • Main Animation
    • Keyframe animations
      • Controlled animations
      • State driven animations
      • Nested animations
  • Import of 3D models – How to use the Geometry Import Node
    • Supported mesh formats
    • Supported features
  • C4D Live Link – How to use the Geometry Live Link Node
    • Workflow
    • Supported Features
  • Text Handling
    • 2D Text
    • 3D Text
    • Font and style presets
    • Text effects
  • Interaction
    • Mouse & Keyboard
    • Interaction Nodes
      • Node overview
      • Basic usage of the interaction nodes
      • Define interactive areas
  • Movie Clip Playback, Audio and Soundcontrol
  • 1×1 of realtime rendering
    • Performance
      • Performance Statistic
      • Identfiy Performance Problems
    • Handling of transparency
    • Render order of objects
    • Z-fighting
    • Backface culling
  • Logic
    • Working with values
      • Expressions
      • Value interpolations
      • Delays and switches
    • Working with strings
      • The ConvertToText node
      • Useful string operations
    • Methods and Events
      • Bindings
      • Convert events into values and back
      • Event arguments
  • Scene Structure and Management
  • Export Ventuz Presentations
  • Playout a Ventuz Presentation
  • VR Output (Praxis with HTC Vive)
  • Project maintainance and archiving
  • Quick View:
    • Template based workflows
    • The Ventuz director
  • Question and Answer

For any further questions or registration for this course please call +49 2151 366250 or send an email to You take your flight to duesseldorf (DUS) and we book a hotel accommodation for you.

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Diese Ventuz for beginners Schulung führen wir auch bei dir im Unternehmen als individualisierte Ventuz for beginners-Firmenschulung durch.

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(Target Audience:) Freelancer and persons from event, broadcast, marketing and design departments, who want to create interactive 3D real-time presentations with Ventuz.


(Prerequisites:) Experience with DTP or image processing, knowledge in 3D editing


Ventuz for beginners Schulung
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Dank einer sehr freundlichen, fast familiären Atmosphäre, wurde ein sehr angenehmes und konzentriertes Lernen ermöglicht.
Ulrich A.
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Sehr gute Atmosphäre, sehr guter Trainer, intensives Training
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Locker Lustig Lecker Lernen :)
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