UAI Academy

We support you on your way to becoming a Unreal Authorized Instructor

Your knighthood to the UAI

The need for Unreal Authorized Instructors is huge. This authorization will change your life!

We help you with it. Professionally. Free of charge.​

Unreal Engine 5 and UEFN have changed the world of real-time graphics forever.

With Unreal Engine 5, games, Hollywood movies, automotive projects, and even simulations for landing on Mars can be realized. Hardly any software is currently used as versatile as Unreal Engine.

And with UEFN, the Unreal Editor for Fortnite, there is an accessible foundation for a future metaverse.
But who helps people in the market take their first steps and projects in Unreal Engine? An Unreal Authorized Instructor! You!

For this you need not only good technical knowledge about the programs, but also the ability to prepare your knowledge didactically and to convey it in good trainings to other people.
The UAI Academy teaches you this didactic knowledge.

Preparation is king

You have to pass the exam at EPIC Games to become a UAI on your own. But the UAI Academy prepares you optimally for this exam.

We teach both technical and didactic expertise to become a trainer.

The UAI status is one of the most demanding recognitions in the 3D industry.

Each aspirant must first apply to Epic Games, and once accepted, Epic Games will give you a multiple-choice test with questions on all areas of the engine. After passing the test, you will submit recordings of two live courses, each lasting approximately one hour.

Your expertise, your didactic skills and your personal methodology of knowledge transfer will be tested by an evaluator directly at Epic Games.

The preparatory UAI Academy consists of technical training on the Unreal Engine and offers an intensive deep dive into the didactic structure of a training. Experience in Unreal Engine is required.
Candidates with existing trainer skills will be given preference when applying to this program.

Integration into your daily work routine

With a course schedule that runs over 3 months, mostly on Mondays only, UAI Academy is easy to integrate into your workday

Most of the time, it is the time that we lack to learn new things and open new chapters in our lives. We know that and that’s why UAI Academy is designed to fit into your workday.

Whether you’re a permanent employee, freelancer or working in different time zones.

The live online trainings of the UAI Academy usually take place on Mondays over a period of 3 months. Recording of the trainings, chat support, project files and homework help you to stay on the ball between the live trainings.

Our goal is that all participants not only hear the content, but also internalize it. As part of your training at the UAI Academy, you will work with us to develop and deliver your own training. We will review this training and help you develop.

Course content

UE Technical Knowledge

 (basic knowledge is assumed).

• Blueprint Deep Dive
• Materials
• Textures
• Lighting
• Sequencer
• Source Control

  • Inspiration to learn
  • Structure
  • Group dynamics
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Learning Circle
  • Assessment and understanding of your learning


What makes a good training session?

Epic Games needs the best trainers to train the best customers.

In the didactic part of the UAI Academy, you will learn what Epic Games attaches particular importance to in the courses run by a UAI.
As part of the UAI Academy, we prepare you by giving your own short training sessions and coaching you. In a protected group setting, everyone gives his practice lessons with the whole group as learners giving feedback and an INCAS Master Trainer as moderator and expert. We demonstrate the typical mistakes and show you the best practice examples.
Lesson Design focuses on project-based teaching with a clearly defined project objective. You will learn how to formulate clear learning outcomes for your teaching units.
You will learn how to achieve consistent learner engagement through good time management, interactive techniques and media use.
In Lesson Delivery we look at the most effective concepts and their benefits. We highlight the do’s and don’ts in lesson delivery and introduce different methods of assessing learning outcomes.
By the end, you will know how to successfully transfer both knowledge and new skills.

Free of charge.
For select individuals.

Unfortunately, registrations are currently not possible.

We run the UAI Academy in close cooperation with EPIC Games. Your investment is the time you spend in our courses and the conscientious completion of your homework.

During the Academy, you will create a one-hour training on a Unreal Engine topic of your choice.
After the UAI Academy, you will be ready to apply to EPIC as an Unreal Authorized Instructor and enter the closed exam process.

The UAI Academy is currently not available.
You will find an update here as soon as there is news.