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Epic Games Training

Epic Games Training

Epic Games, founded in 1991 and still run by one of the founders: Tim Sweeny. Epic Games employees sometimes jokingly refer to their company as the largest startup in the world! Epic Games has set itself no less a goal than to become the creator of the global metaverse. In other words, the virtual world for the whole world. Such a vision is unique and attracts talent from all over the world. Who pays for it?
Epic’s history is full of successful blockbuster games like Unreal or Fortnite. But the Unreal Engine can do so much more. As a Unreal Engine Authorized Training Center (UATC), we offer the most comprehensive Unreal Engine training in Europe.

INCAS Training is one of three Unreal Engine PREMIER Authorized Training Centers worldwide

The close and trustful cooperation with Epic Games has given INCAS Training a pioneering role in the field of Unreal Engine training. We have been able to build a lot of trust through our special networking in the German industry, especially in the automotive industry. Through continuous, top-quality Epic Games trainings, we are known by manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Daimler, Volkswagen and many more as a competent partner in the field of high-end visualization and simulation. In this area, but also in architecture or virtual production: We are your contact for Epic trainings for you and your individual requirements.

Epic Premier Authorized Training Center

Unreal Engine PREMIER Authorized Training Center.

Take advantage of the benefits we offer as an Unreal Engine PREMIER Authorized Training Center (UATC). INCAS Training is the market leader in professional Unreal Engine training with top marks in customer reviews.

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