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Adobe Dreamweaver Introduction Seminar

Create professional websites with Dreamweaver

After attending this Adobe Dreamweaver training course, you’ll be able to design and develop world-class websites and web applications with ease, while adhering to accessibility guidelines. Easy-to-follow, hands-on exercises reinforce the course content. Dreamweaver is a professional website and web application creation tool that offers a powerful combination of graphics editing tools, application development features, and code editing options.

Adobe Schulungen

Adobe Authorised Training Center (AATC)

INCAS Training places a particularly high value on certified and qualified trainers. With a total of 14 current product certifications, INCAS Training is the largest Adobe Authorised Training Centre (AATC) in the EU. All our training courses and Adobe courses are also available as live online training!

Content Dreamweaver Seminar

Training Module 1: Introduction to Training


  • Contents of the Dreamweaver course
  • .

  • Course objectives
  • Course prerequisites
  • Building a static page
  • .

Training Module 2: Adobe Dreamweaver Basics

  • Introduction to Dreamweaver
  • Creating a local page
  • The first new HTML page
  • Development views in Dreamweaver
  • Page preview
  • Page properties

Training module 3: Creating page content in Dreamweaver


  • Add content
  • Importing text files
  • Importing Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Control document structure
  • Creating headings, formatting and lists
  • .

  • Inserting special characters

Training module 4: Formatting with cascading style sheets


  • Formatting text on the web
  • .

  • Modifying the font property
  • .

  • Working withCascading style sheets
  • .

  • Fonts and class styles
  • Creating styles
  • Creating tag selectors
  • Advanced styles
  • Export CSS style definitions
  • Integrating external style sheets
  • Creating a new style sheet
  • Inline styles
  • Inheritance

Training Module 5: Working with Graphics

  • Graphics on web pages
  • .

  • Placing graphics on a page
  • .

  • Settings
  • Properties of graphics
  • Editing images in Dreamweaver
  • Editing images in FireWorks
  • Optimize images
  • Inserting Flash movies

Training Module 6: Page Navigation

  • Hypertext links
  • Linking to content
  • Linking to other pages
  • Anchors
  • Adding e-mail links
  • Images as links
  • Image maps
  • Creating a navigation bar
  • Jump menus

Training module 7: Page layout and design with CSS


  • Basic ideas about page layout
  • .

  • Page structures with layers
  • .

  • Layers with CSS
  • Design with DIVs
  • Navigation with CSS
  • Importing table data
  • Working in table mode

Training Module 8: Libraries and Templates

  • Creating elements
  • Page templates
  • Creating editable regions
  • Apply templates
  • Modify templates

Training Module 9: Creating Forms

  • Understanding forms
  • Focus
  • Validate forms

Training Module 10: Testing, Page Maintenance, and Upload

  • Browser testing
  • Data
  • Using the internal file browser
  • .

  • FTP
  • Cloaking
  • Upload
  • Synchronize data

We also train at your place!

We also conduct this Dreamweaver training at your company as an individualized Dreamweaver company training.

Target audience Dreamweaver Seminar

The course is designed for web designers who want to create professional websites after this Dreamweaver training.

Prerequisite Dreamweaver Seminar

General use of Windows/Mac