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Ventuz Director Seminar

Learn to adapt your Ventuz scenes optimally to the director

Stunning graphics are nothing without a proper way to control them during the show.
This is an introductory course for future broadcast operators that are new to template-based graphics. The course teaches the essentials of the VENTUZ DIRECTOR user interface, tools and features focused on the broadcast market.
By the end of the training, you are able to operate a show with the VENTUZ DIRECTOR.
Experienced Broadcast Operators would benefit most and the readiness to think outside the box will make the course an eye-opening experience.

Ventuz Authorised Training Centre.

Enjoy the benefits of training with the world’s largest certified Ventuz training partner – with top marks in customer satisfaction and satisfied participants from four continents.

Content Ventuz Director Seminar

Day 1 Ventuz Director

  • Introduction to typical Director Workflow & Usecases
    • Learn about typical Director use cases and how a Director project grows from idea to finished show.
  • The Ventuz Director
    • Get an overview of the user interface and some basics.
  • Create and operate various Director shows
    • Learn how to create, operate, and switch Director shows.
  • Director topologies
    • Learn how to control different setups and machines from Ventuz Director.
  • Director Channels
    • Director lets you control multiple independent channels. Learn more about channels and how to create and operate them.

Day 2 Ventuz Director

  • Working with Director plugins
    • Learn how to install and use third-party Director plugins.
  • Controlling Director remotely
    • Learn how to control Director via Streamdeck/Companion or an X-Key keyboard.
  • Introduction to the Ventuz Template Engine
    • Learn about the concepts and features of the Template Engine.
  • Working with templates
    • Learn to create templates for Director, along with intensive exercises.
  • Query and answer
    • There will be plenty of time for questions at the end of each course.
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We also train at your place!

We also conduct this Ventuz Director training at your company as an individualized Ventuz Director company training.

Ventuz Director training profile Ventuz Director Seminar

Experienced Motion Designers and 3D artists would benefit most and
the readiness to think outside the box will make the course an eye-opening experience…

Ventuz Director training minimum knowledge requirement Ventuz Director Seminar

A basic idea of template-based workflows.

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