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Ventuz Basic Training

Ventuz Designer Training

Learn the tools to create stunning interactive real-time graphics with a combination of design and logic.
This is an introductory course for future designers that are new to 3D graphics. The course teaches the essentials of the VENTUZ DESIGNER user interface, tools and features.
By the end of the training you are able to create interactive graphics in various application sectors and operate them during a show.
Experienced Motion Designers and 3D artists would benefit most and the readiness to handle simple logic will make the course an eye opening experience.

Ventuz Authorised Training Centre.

Enjoy the benefits of training with the world’s largest certified Ventuz training partner – with top marks in customer satisfaction and satisfied participants from four continents.

Content Ventuz Training

Day 1 Ventuz Basics

  • Introduction to the Ventuz philosophy
    • Introduction to the Ventuz world with a presentation of the different products we offer and the markets and application areas where Ventuz is used.
  • Introduction to the typical Ventuz workflow
    • Learn how a typical Ventuz project grows from idea to result and what the differences are from traditional authoring systems.
  • The Ventuz Designer
    • Get an overview of the user interface and some basic tutorials.
  • Introduction to the layer-based workflow
    • Getting started with advanced effects, blending and layout options.
  • Native Photoshop import
    • Learn how to import PSD files into Ventuz and use them in the layer editor.
  • Introduction to node-based workflow
    • Get familiar with Ventuz’s basic modules, Nodes, and learn how to use and combine them.

Day 2 Ventuz Basics

  • Working with images and geometry
    • Get a feel for 3D space and learn how to use and manipulate geometry and images.
  • Cinema4D Live Link
    • Learn how to work with Cinema4D integration to improve your 3D workflow.
  • Working with Animation
    • Learn about the different ways you can animate objects in Ventuz.
  • Keyframe animations
    • Learn how to use keyframe animation in Ventuz and experience the big difference from linear authoring tools.
  • Working with the state logic of animations
    • Linear animations are good, but non-linear animations are awesome.
  • Working with interaction
    • Ventuz offers many ways to interact with graphics, either by touch or by mouse and keyboard.
  • Video clip playback, audio and sound control
    • Experience the power of the Ventuz clip engine.

Day 3 Ventuz Basics

  • Working with logic
    • Design follows rules and so does interaction. Learn to create simple logic to change the behavior, animations, and look and feel of your graphics.
  • Planning a Ventuz project
    • Good preparation is half the battle. Learn how to think your way into a complex problem.
  • Prepare a scene/template for the player
    • Learn how to prepare a finished scene for the VENTUZ RUNTIME.
  • Project maintenance and archiving
    • With project before project, learn how to archive and maintain projects.
  • A brief look at VENTUZ DIRECTOR
    • Template-based workflows are fundamental to increasing the speed at which a project is implemented. Get an insight into VENTUZ DIRECTOR and the topics covered in the DIRECTOR training.
  • Question and Answer
    • There will be ample time for questions at the end of each course.
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We also train at your place!

We also conduct this Ventuz training at your company as an individualized Ventuz company training.

Ventuz Basic Schulung Zielgruppe: Ventuz Training

Experienced Motion Designers and 3D artists would benefit most.
The readiness to handle simple logic will make the course an eye opening experience

Ventuz Basic Schulung Voraussetzungen: Ventuz Training

Experience on conventional authoring tools like Adobe After Effects is expected along
with an open mind to dig into simple logical expressions.

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