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Unreal Engine: Virtual Reality Basics Training

Your easy start with Virtual Reality and Unreal Engine 5

The metaverse is omnipresent and has numerous faces. We don’t know today if and how a metaverse will become established at all, but we know with great certainty that we will visit more and more 3D worlds in the future. And for full immersion, this is increasingly happening via virtual reality.

In B2B, the combination of virtual reality and the graphical power of Unreal Engine has already established itself. Architectural visualization, digital twins in engineering, product presentations and of course games take advantage of spatial computing and natural user interaction.

So if you want to be ready for the future of the 3D industry, you should constantly deepen your skills in virtual reality. Combined with Unreal Engine, you’ll find it easier than ever to start creating amazing virtual worlds.

In our intensive basic course, you will be brought to a level over the learning days to be able to independently implement your first projects with Unreal Engine and Virtual Reality after the training.

Our professional trainers have years of project experience in VR and Unreal Engine and are ready to share this knowledge with you.

Create your first extensive VR project in our course and improve your knowledge of Unreal Engine.

In this course you will learn:

  • Select the right VR hardware for different requirements.
  • Set up a project in Unreal Engine 5 for Virtual Reality
  • Build sustainable project structures using OpenXR
  • Create a PC VR project with a variety of interaction densities

After the course, you may keep and use all project files shared by our trainers and created by yourself. You will have access to the entire training again in the form of a video recording. Of course, at the end of the training you will receive an official, unique certificate.


Epic Premier Authorized Training Center

Unreal Engine PREMIER Authorized Training Center.

Take advantage of the benefits we offer as an Unreal Engine PREMIER Authorized Training Center (UATC). INCAS Training is the market leader in professional Unreal Engine training with top marks in customer reviews.

Learning objectives Unreal Engine VR Training

After the course you can:
Apply your now-learned VR skills to your focus areas and create, for example, a VR architectural visualization, a first VR game, or an automotive VR showcase.

Already have a specific VR use case for which you need specific VR skills? This course is fully customizable to your needs. Contact us for a custom quote.

Content Unreal Engine VR Training

Day 1: Basics for Virtual Reality with Unreal Engine.

  • Current overview of multi-vendor VR hardware with advantages and disadvantages as well as similarities and differences
  • Basic information on how to build a VR project in Unreal
  • What is the OpenXR SDK and why to rely on this open standard
  • Graphical rendering in VR and the differences to rendering on the monitor (Nanite, Lumen, Draw Calls, Scene Optimization, Mobile VS PC-VR)
  • How do VR interactions differ in structural design within a project from classic mouse and keyboard interactions?
  • Simulating your own hands using controllers in VR: Dos and Don’ts

Day 2: Basics for Virtual Reality with Unreal Engine

  • Interaction possibilities in VR with different objects: How a tool I use to interact behaves differently than an edge object in the scene
  • Depth of interaction: what is the expectation of an interaction in VR and when is the depth of interaction good enough
  • Interactions with UI elements in VR
  • Completing your own first VR interaction project.

We also train at your place!

We also conduct this Unreal Engine VR training at your company as an individualized Unreal Engine VR company training.

Target audience Unreal Engine VR Training

3D developers from all fields (engineering, visualization, architecture, game development, etc.) who want to familiarize themselves with the possibilities of Unreal Engine 4 and Virtual Reality.

Prerequisite Unreal Engine VR Training

This course assumes you already have a basic understanding of Unreal Engine. If you don’t have any experience with Unreal Engine, you can book our “Introduction to Unreal Engine” course or the more detailed “Basics Unreal Engine” course to prepare you for your entry into the world of Unreal Engine 5.

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