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Ventuz 7 Upgrade Training

Ventuz 7 Upgrade: The new features of Ventuz 7

In this two-day seminar the new features of Ventuz 7 are presented compact. Here, the functions are treated specially, concerning the difference to the previous version and be able to quickly adapt your projects and workflows to Ventuz 7.
This includes in particular the new web-based Configuration and Render Setup Editor and the
and the resulting flexibility with regard to the number and combination of physical and virtual outputs.

For a separate deep dive into the Previs-Scene workflow, we recommend the appropriate Workshop.

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Enjoy the benefits of training with the world’s largest certified Ventuz training partner – with top marks in customer satisfaction and satisfied participants from four continents.

Content Ventuz 7 Training

Day 1 Ventuz 7 Upgrade

  • Changes to the license model
  • Technical facts about Ventuz 7
  • Introduction of the new configuration editor
    • Overview
    • Project management
    • Scene control
    • Device configuration
      • Configuration of outputs
      • Configuration of pipes in Ventuz 7 vs. Ventuz 6
  • Multi-output concept
    • Definition of terms:
      • Canvas
      • Composition
      • Screens
      • Outputs
      • Cuts
    • General workflow
    • Options
  • Introduction to the new Render Setup Editor
    • Create basic screen setups and assign them to physical outputs
    • Generate more complex setups
      • Defining compositions within a Ventuz project/scene
      • Linking compositions within a render setup to a project/scene
      • Understand the capabilities of compositions and composition instances
      • Understanding the capabilities of output mapping
  • Introduction to the Stage Editor
  • Introduction to the Previsualization Scene
    • Use cases
      • Mockups to get a better idea of dimensions, content boundaries, etc.
      • Previsualizing content and design during the design process
      • Technical content and screen mapping
    • Workflow
    • How do render setups and previs scenes fit together? How do they interact?
    • Connecting a Previs scene to a render setup

Day 2 Ventuz 7 Upgrade

  • How to create a Previs scene in Designer
    • Basic screen setup
    • Mixed DPI screen setup
    • More complex setup, e.g. in-camera VFX (Set Extension)
  • General workflow changes
    • Render window became a preview window rather than an output window.
    • Zoom and pan in the preview window
    • Render setups are saved in Ventuz projects
    • New nodes
    • Deleted nodes
    • Basic changes
  • Question and answer

We also train at your place!

We also conduct this Ventuz 7 training at your company as an individualized Ventuz 7 company training.

Ventuz 7 Upgrade training profile: Ventuz 7 Training

Our Ventuz 7 upgrade training is aimed at Ventuz users who want to upgrade to version 7

Ventuz 7 Upgrade training minimum knowledge requirement: Ventuz 7 Training

For your attendance of the Ventuz 7 Upgrade Seminar we recommend experience with Ventuz.

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