ServicesGuaranteed for you: Trainings with satisfaction guarantee

Guaranteed for you: Trainings with satisfaction guarantee

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal for us. That is our DNA. You place your full trust in us that you will receive exactly the training that fits your requirements. Because your time is precious. But mistakes still happen from time to time. “Your most dissatisfied customers are your best source of learning,” said Bill Gates. If you are dissatisfied, let’s talk about it. We’ll find a solution! For example, if you realize in the first part of the training that, contrary to expectations, you made the wrong decision after all, we offer you our money-back guarantee. You can find this and several other guarantees below.

Money-back guarantee

You are not satisfied with one of our seminars for any reason and decide to end your participation after the first quarter of the course duration? Then you can get a full refund from us, provided that all training materials provided by INCAS for this course remain with us. The guarantee applies to you as a course participant and provided you meet the course requirements. The guarantee applies only to the public seminars published by INCAS on the Internet.

Lean Back Guarantee

The technical requirements of an online training course are not high, but they cannot be implemented immediately in practice by every participant. If necessary, our support team will help you in advance until everything works perfectly. Our goal is to start every online training (Live Virtual Classroom, LVC) on time in the morning without delays due to technical problems.

Online training guarantee

Digitization is advancing ever faster and is driving us to explore new avenues. One of these ways is the option of attending all training courses not only at the on-site training center, but as online training. These are virtual classroom training sessions that are a lot of fun and save travel time and possibly hotel nights, since you attend from home or the office. However, there may be reasons why you are disturbed while attending and it may not work out online as it would if you were in one of our classrooms. Our guarantee: For all online courses that are also offered at the same time at our location in Krefeld, you can attend them again free of charge as a classroom training.

Content guarantee

Our trainers adapt flexibly to your requirements as a seminar participant and those of the others during the course of the training. As a result, it may not be possible to teach all of the course content offered, as the focus of the course is shifted in favor of other topics in the team of participants. If you are not satisfied with the course, simply attend it again at a later date free of charge.


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