The Connector

Extreme deep
dive training

for your own animated movie
with the Unreal Engine

You want to master the Unreal Engine professionally? You want to be part of an inquisitive community of realtime enthusiasts? You have what it takes to be your own producer and director for your short film? All this is offered by the intensive training Unreal Connector.
The original from Epic Games.

Learn in
5 weeks

where others need years

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From your first idea to the finished film: You learn everything. From the Unreal Engine to professional storytelling and your own MoCap session to the final cut.

You will learn from experienced professionals which workflow leads to the best result for your project. A team of trainers and mentors will empower you step by step, so that in the end you can realize the previously unimaginable.


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There is no such thing
no second time

This is not a normal online training

There is no consumption here: You are a member of a strong selected group from day one, working together and highly motivated towards the goal of generating the greatest short films.

The best films will be published by Epic Games at the end! Seats are limited. Take the challenge and book now!

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Fellowship and the Connector in our Blog!

5 weeks that will change your life!

From November 20 to December 22 2023

Your time commitment consists of five intensive training weeks as a full-time program for you. You have never worked more intensively with the Unreal Engine. A unique experience!

Kickoff: November 15
Week 1: November 20-24
Week 2: November 27 – December 01
Week 3: December 04-08
Week 4: December 11-15
Week 5: December 18-22
Film festival and closing: December 22

It starts with your idea

Before things get started in the Unreal Engine, it already starts for you creatively. Think up the story you want to tell for your short film. Our trainers and mentors will help you get to the heart of the story. For your personal film debut.

80 hours

Unreal Engine 5
Deep Dive Training

We will introduce you step by step to the Unreal Engine and its incredible possibilities in live online trainings with deep dive labs. You will be accompanied by your mentors and the strong community. Always with the goal in mind to produce your perfect short film. Your new tools will be: Animation, Materials, Lightning, Sequencer, Control Rig, MoCap, Blueprint, …


60 hours

mentors and trainers
work together on your projects

In shared labs or one-on-one sessions, we’re here for you. Each group has its own mentor who will support you in storytelling and storyboarding. In addition to the implementation in the Unreal Engine, your script and your shots have to be right in order to create the desired effect. Besides the know-how in the Unreal Engine, this is the second big learning for you in the Connector!

We are here for you non-stop

No question goes unanswered and you get continuous support. You always have a contact person: In the training labs, the practice labs, mentor labs, the open coffee rounds, the after work sessions or directly in the supported Discord channels of the Connector or your team. And the most important thing: This community will stay with you even after your time in the Connector!


You direct!

An entire motion capturing studio dances to your tune. Become the director. We provide you with the technology and actors to act out your desired scene in a professional MoCap studio. Live and remote in front of you. This way you get your own individual MoCap data to give your film the final touch with the right animations.



Secure your seat!

For only 4,700 euros plus VAT

Spots are limited!

Learn from the best

INCAS Training: your first stop for Unreal Engine Training

You’re guaranteed to learn from the best at the Unreal Connector. There are only three companies in the world with Unreal Premier Training Partner status. INCAS Training is one of them. Our mentors work for global leading production companies. The guest speakers are film celebrities and the trainers are Unreal Authorized Instructors. It doesn’t get any better than this!


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