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SMP/E for z/OS Workshop Schulung

Umgang mit SMP E-Funktionen

This course is designed to provide the SMP/E skills needed in the installation and maintenance of optional features and maintenance in the z/OS operating environment. You are taught to define the SMP/E database and invoke SMP/E to add, modify, or replace system elements. The course includes extensive hands-on labs using a current level of SMP/E.

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You will get practical experience in the SMP/E tasks involved in installing a z/OS product. Emphasis is on interpreting results of SMP/E processing. SMP/E concepts examined in this course include modification control statements, the consolidated software inventory, zone structure, and error analysis. SMP/E commands such as RECEIVE, APPLY, ACCEPT, RESTORE, REPORT, and LIST are discussed.

You will also learn how to perform automated SMP/E delivery of z/OS and product maintenance over the Internet with an automated SMP/E process that downloads and installs IBM preventive and corrective service over the Internet.


  • Describe how SMP/E is used as a tool for system maintenance
  • Interpret modification control statements in a sample SYSMOD
  • Create a consolidated software inventory database to support installation and maintenance requirements
  • Use the SMP/E dialogs to install a product and its related service
  • Manage exception SYSMOD data
  • Describe the use of the primary and secondary data sets required by SMP/E
  • Analyze output from SMP/E processing and resolve commonly encountered problems
  • Describe the use of the REPORT command to determine software dependencies between zones
  • Use the BUILDMCS process to create a function SYSMOD from an installed product and its service
  • Use the new SMP/E functions to install software service automatically over the Internet

    • Implement support for communication server FTP client
    • Use the new RECEIVE ORDER command to order and install z/OS maintenance automatically over the Internet

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Diese SMP E Schulung führen wir auch bei dir im Unternehmen als individualisierte SMP E-Firmenschulung durch.

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This basic course is for system programmers with no prior SMP experience who plan to use SMP/E for system and subsystem maintenance and installation.


You should know how to:

  • Use basic JCL statements
  • Describe the use of the following z/OS utility programs: assembler, linkage editor, IEBCOPY, IEBUPDTE, and AMASPZAP
  • Identify the access method services commands and parameters used in creating a VSAM KSDS
  • Use ISPF/PDF panels

This knowledge and these skills can be acquired on the job or by completing one or more of the following education offerings:

  • Fundamental System Skills in z/OS, (ES10D4DE)
  • z/OS VSAM and Access Method Services, (SS83D2DE) / (H3840DE)

Those new to z/OS could benefit from attending z/OS Facilities (ES15D0DE) for additional basic z/OS knowledge.


SMP E Schulung
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Michael W.
Ernst & Young Retail Services GmbH
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Ich fühlte mich in diesem Seminar hervorragend betreut. Es war sehr praxisorientiert und anschaulich.
Philipp M.
Wacom Europe GmbH
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Sehr gute Organisation, guter Trainer - alles super!
Martin S.
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Das Training zeichnet sich durch einen sehr hohen Praxisbezug und Raum für individuelle Hilfe persönlicher Problemstellungen sowie durch einen engagierten und hoch kompetenten Trainer aus.
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