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Expo Shanghai – the Düsseldorf Pavilion

Several Ventuz presentations by INCAS turned the Düsseldorf Pavilion in Shanghai into a multimedia experience. The Expo in Shanghai turned out to be a performance show in the field of interactive multimedia installations. There was hardly a pavilion or a building that did not shine with new and innovative concepts. Here, the pavilion of the city of Düsseldorf stands out in particular. With almost 100 large-format plasma displays, window fronts of the buildings of the media harbor, the Rhine, the (media) harbor basin with dragon boat races, a section of the Rhine bank tunnel and much more are arranged.

Touching desired

At many installations, touching was explicitly desired: With their hands, visitors could push digital rowers in their dragon boats to top performance, who sometimes gesticulated about it. Via the wheels of history, visitors let themselves be led into the present and future of the city of Düsseldorf. On a 10-meter-long display, several visitors simultaneously play a kind of carambolage with game pieces, and the Chinese audience in particular takes great pleasure in magically snatching the lights from the passing cars in the cut of the Rhine bank tunnel and playing with them.  “The playful and curiosity-driven approach to the city of Düsseldorf has proven to be the right way to go” says Stephan Otten, Managing Director of INCAS Training und Projekte from Krefeld, who played a major role in the interactive installations.

“Creative Director Michael Taraschewski of INCAS and our suppliers played a crucial role in the success of the interactive part of this great Ventuz story,” said Christian Kuntze of *ckMEDIA, who is responsible for all the multimedia installations and content design for the pavilion. 

10 meters wide: The multitouch surface realized with Ventuz

At the Düsseldorf Expo pavilion, three Ventuz applications were displayed alternately on a large Seamless LCD display wall consisting of 16 NEC displays. The 16 displays were installed side by side in portrait mode and, together with a radarTOUCH, formed a 10-meter-wide MultiTouch surface. Ventuz was used for the display on only one PC, which took over the MultiTouch control and was equipped with an ATI FirePro V8800 graphics card. Thus, the wall ran in a resolution of 7680*1080 pixels with a completely smooth animation.

3 applications = 3 challenges

Each of the three applications made special demands on the development team. The display of the extensive Chinese typeset and the usability of the timeline with the three large time wheels, an extensive physics engine for the collisions in the Carambolage game, or the extensive 3D objects in the Rhine bank tunnel were just a few examples. On a horizontal Ventuz installation “Harbour” the harbour basin in the media harbour of Düsseldorf was simulated with 26 displays. Animated dragon boats, also controlled by a radarTOUCH, were moving in this Ventuz application and were playfully steered across the harbor basin by the visitors. An overview of the Rhine near Düsseldorf with various moving Rhine ships invited visitors to linger.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank *ckMEDIA for allowing us to participate in this project. Special thanks go to effex Medienproduktion and rayd GmbH, who supported us significantly in the realization.


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