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Asset Creation with Autodesk Maya Training

Tips and tricks for optimal asset creation in Maya

In this three-day training course, you will learn the basics for the game engine-optimized preparation of 3D objects. You will be trained in the use of Autodesk’s 3D software Maya, and learn efficient state-of-the-art techniques. After a short excursion on the importance of game engine optimized work, as well as a general introduction to the 3D software Maya from Autodesk, you will create simple 3D objects on your own and optimize already existing 3D objects. You will create and modify geometry, evaluate and improve its subdivision, assign new material slots, learn different approaches to UV mapping, and practice working with smoothing groups. You will also learn the basics of creating simple animations for game engines. At the end of this course you will be able to prepare existing or purchased 3D objects for use in game engines like Unreal Engine 4. You will be able to fix existing errors directly on the 3D model, extend objects, define new material entities, and create animations. You will also be able to export these changes efficiently for the game engine.

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Unreal Engine PREMIER Authorized Training Center.

Take advantage of the benefits we offer as an Unreal Engine PREMIER Authorized Training Center (UATC). INCAS Training is the market leader in professional Unreal Engine training with top marks in customer reviews.

Content Maya Low Poly Training

  • Basics of 3D asset creation
  • Game-optimized work
  • Navigation in the 3D viewport
  • Creation of simple geometry
  • Possibilities for manipulation of geometry
  • Basics of topology
  • Smooth/Reduce Geometry
  • Fixing backface culling
  • Dealing with Smoothing Groups
  • Defining material slots
  • UV Mapping Basics
  • Export Static Mesh
  • Rigging basics
  • Animation basics
  • Export Skeletal Mesh / Animation
  • UCX Collision Creation and Export

We also train at your place!

We also conduct this Maya Low Poly training at your company as an individualized Maya Low Poly company training.

Target audience Maya Low Poly Training

Game developers, architects, designers, 3D developers (engineering, visualization, architecture, game development etc.)

Prerequisite Maya Low Poly Training

Basic knowledge of the structure and manipulation of 3D models is assumed (polygons, materials, textures, shaders)

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