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Unreal Engine: (Film) Level Design for Virtual Production Training

Realization of digital visual environments for virtual production

With great strides Unreal Engine has entered the film world and convinces with great results. This one-day hands-on workshop is tailored to the needs of a filmmaker, event designer or 3D artist who sees their future in “Virtual Production”. While the technical implementation of the interaction between camera and realtime engine is also a topic in itself, this workshop focuses more on the creative artistic implementation. The approach differs from the creation of game environments, because the goal is not necessarily interactivity, but the depicted realism. In addition to the basics of the program, you will learn how to create, light and render digital environments (levels) on a film-ready level.

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Content Unreal Virtual Production Training

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  • Overview of the individual components of a Virtual Production
  • Setting up a project / workflow
  • Basic elements of a level
  • Content Browser
  • Import of objects from other programs via Datasmith or fbx / abc import
  • Lighting scenarios
  • Material Manager
  • Landscape Mode
  • Advanced level building and expansion with Foliage Mode
  • Sequencer overview: user interface and controls for Cinematic Viewport
  • Rendering the movie

We also train at your place!

We also conduct this Unreal Virtual Production training at your company as an individualized Unreal Virtual Production company training.

Decision support Unreal Virtual Production Training

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Target audience

Decision-makers, designers, filmmakers, directors, producers, marketing managers


Before attending this course, you should attend the one-day course “Introduction to Unreal Engine” or already have a basic knowledge of Unreal Engine tools and workflows. Basic knowledge of 3D applications is advantageous.

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