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Hybrid trainings

Live online training has become the new standard in professional training. The flexibility and time savings with simultaneous savings potential are unbeatable arguments. The use of labs (virtual training environments) offers unprecedented flexibility. Whether from the office, at home or in the INCAS training classroom, you always have access to the same computer. It is therefore theoretically possible to switch from the training center to the home office during the lunch break or vice versa. It is also possible to access the training computer again days later, for example to reproduce an exercise again or to save materials. Only INCAS Training offers all this!

Face-to-face and online training go hand in hand!

With our new innovative training solution we meet all the requirements of this special time! We are breaking new ground and offering our classroom training and live online training as a dynamic duo: You can participate in a training equally in both ways. In the classroom, as always, you use your training computer and follow the trainer’s explanations live on site. When you are online, you see the trainer and all other participants – whether in the classroom or in their home office – via their webcam and follow the trainer’s presentation via your second monitor.

How can the trainer support me personally online?

The virtual training environment offers the advantage that the trainer always has an overview of the training computers of all participants in parallel via a software solution and can recognize problems at any time and react to them individually.

The advantages are obvious:

  • The benefits of presence and live virtual training flow together.
  • You can flexibly decide on which days you want to participate online and on which days you want to participate on site.
  • The trainer can access your monitor at any time from his seat – both in online training and in the training room.
  • Whether you are online or on-site, all participants communicate equally with each other without media disruption as a cohesive learning group.

You have to stay flexible! Perfect!

You decide from day to day whether you prefer to come to our training center or attend the training from home or from your workplace in your company.


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